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Forte Silencio - Acoustic Movable Walls

Ease of operation, acoustic performance and pleasing aesthetics are combined in Forte Silencio to create movable walls that maximise spatial versatility in offices, conference and meeting rooms, training areas, educational establishments, hotels and banqueting suites.


  • Top hung without track at floor level
  • Retractable acoustic seals at top and base operated either by quick release handle or  semi-automatically with electronic controls
  • Single or two point suspension for centre or remote parking options
  • Variable track arrangements
  • Junction modules meet requirements for corner, three or four way abutments
  • Panel finishes include vinyl, veneer, melamine laminate, a magnetic dry wipe enamelled writing surface or paint
  • Optional integral pass doors, glazed modules and vision panels
  • Closing module fitted with face operated telescopic ‘nose’

Forte Virtuoso - Sliding Folding Walls

Hinged sliding folding modules make Forte Virtuoso ideal for when head fixing is restricted or where rapid layout changes are required. The system lends itself particularly to offices, including those with hot desking and hotelling areas, meeting rooms, clubs and restaurants, leisure centres and educational establishments.


  • Floor supported on a bottom roller track system with guide channel at top.
  • Alternatively, top hung with/without floor track
  • Floor track features concealed fixings
  • Face operated espagnolette bolts lock wall securely in position
  • Continuous contact sweep seals minimise sound transfer
  • Single wing or bi-parting configurations
  • Leading element is full height pass door
  • Optional vision panels
  • Parking centrally or to side of line of track
  • Panel finishes include vinyl, veneer, melamine laminate, a magnetic dry wipe enamelled writing surface or paint’


Forte Linear - Straight Sliding Parrallel Wall

A straight sliding parrellel wall system, bottom running with optional top hung fitting available. A simple push/pull system using acoustic wall technology. Walls are suitable for a wide variety of applications including hotels and conference centres, corporate offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, churches, sports and leisure facilities.


  • Top hung, no floor track or Bottom running with floor track.
  • Aluminium floor track with fixing cover strip (Bottom Running system).
  • Multiple panels joined together so that all panels move as one.
  • SAA flush handle – optional locks available.
  • Rubber seals to the vertical panel edges ensuring a high degree of sound reduction.
  • Rubber seals to the top and bottom edges of each panel.
  • Rubber compression seals between sliding wall and adjacent surfaces.
  • Sound reductions of Rw 35 to 44 dB (estimated Laboratory value) consult with Duvale plc for recommendations and details.
  • Light weight aluminium and steel frame construction.
  • Can be finished in a range of finishes to include hardwood veneer, laminate, melamine, vinyl, fabric, paint or magnetic drywipe.
  • Special finishes can be achieved, please consult with Duvale plc.
  • Vision panels, single or double glazed can be incorporated.
  • Class 1 or 0 Surface Spread of Flame can be achieved.

Forte Concertina

A tried and tested economical system for quickly and easily dividing a wide range of areas, concertina systems are particularly suited to residential locations, nursery schools and village halls.


  • Generally top hung (with option for support at bottom if required)
  • Constructed on aluminium/steel frame faced either side with heavy duty vinyl
  • Wide choice of surface finishes
  • Aluminium suspension track
  • Optional top and bottom sweep seals for improved acoustic performance
  • Single wing or bi-parting configuration with optional locking
  • Suitable for spaces that have intensive use, such as classrooms
  • Easy installation
  • One of the most cost-effective movable wall system available