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Gypsum Tiles


The PSG panels are manufactured from plaster, perlite and reinforced with glass fibre strands.
  • The PLASTER is a product that exists in the nature, rock shaped. Once it is mined from the quarries and thorough a firing process, it eliminates the water from it, obtaining a semi hydrated. In the panel production, the water is added again, going back to its dehydrate-shaped "identical composition than the rock of the nature", this way the composition is 100% natural.
  • The PERLITE is an expanded inorganic product that is added to the plaster during the production process. The perlite improves the qualities of the panels, either in the thermal or acoustic insulation. It also gives an excellent performance towards the fire, increasing their resistance and stability. Finally, because of its low density ,this allows us to lighten the weight of the PSG panels down to 8kg/m2 in some models.

Ecological Product

The nature of the product that make up the PSG panel is 100% mineral, therefore is an ecological material that does not contaminate the fauna and flora. Chemically is neutral with a 7PH, so it does not attack other minerals, and is completely free of asbestos.

Vinyl Face Gypsum

Vinyl Faced Gypsum Tiles are a high performance and easy maintained tiles that offer outstanding value for money. Its wipe-clean, long wearing surface makes it ideal for food preparation and other hygienic areas.

VFG Tiles are installed on standard 15 or 24mm grid

Technical Details

  • Size: 600x600x8mm
  • Colour: White
  • Surface: Wipe-clean
  • Material: Vinyl faced Plasterboard
  • Water vapour resistance: at least 45MNs/g
  • Sound attenuation Dncw (dB): 37
  • Light reflectance (%): 88
  • Relative humidity (%RH): 90% at 25oC
  • Fire protection: Class 0 / Euroclass B when tested to BS 476: Parts 6 & 7 and in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document B.
  • Weight (kg/m2): 6.9
  • Ceiling tiles should be stored flat in clean and dry conditions

As products may be modified or retested it's essential to check the manufacturers specifications.