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The raised access floor is one of the elements that gives the greatest flexibility to the modern working environment. The new computer and data transmission technologies, already present in almost every office, have to be easily inserted without changing the structure and the original aesthetic appearance of the rooms.  The cavity of the modular access floor allows a quick installation of personal computers, workstations and calculators without stopping the normal daily activities. It is a precious space accessible from any point and where can be set the electric, telephonic and transmission implants. Furthermore, it can be used as a canalization for the air conditioning one. 

Born for calculation centres, the raised access floor has a wide range of application in all that industrial sectors where computers are normally used.

It is particularly indicated, as well as for new buildings, for the renovation of the old ones. It can be affirmed that it is almost indispensable for the "open space" offices, bank agencies, control stations, electric and telephonic plants, tv studios, typographies, medical and dentist studies, laboratories of analysis.

All the elements are provided with official certification given by specialized institutes and can be supplied on simple request. All the elements that made Topfloor raised access floor are accurately tested on safety and performance directly inside the factory where a laboratory with all the modern equipment was set up.


High density wood chipboard with resins, it is available with thickness of 28 mm for structures with stringers and 38 mm for structures without stringers.

The walking surface can be realized in a various range of materials. The aluminium foil that covers the top and the bottom side of the panel creates a barrier to the humidity and improve the electric characteristics. A foil or a tray made of galvanized steel put on the bottom increase the bearing power. The panels are side bordered with black plastic materials. 



Mineral inert fireproof conglomerate made of calcium sulphate with optimum mechanical characteristics, density of 1450 Kg/m3 and thickness 30 mm or 34 mm.

Made stronger by particular fibres, the material is extremely dense and compact so to allow the raised access floor to be very silent and practically indistinguishable from the traditional one. Thanks to its characteristics of stability, the panels don't suffer for variation of temperature and humidity.

There are no limits to the application of any finishing on the panel. The bottom side can be sheltered by an aluminium foil and the panel is side bordered with black plastic materials.



The panel is made of one layer of wood chipboard with resins (thickness 28 mm) and a second layer of calcium sulphate (thickness 12,5 mm) perfectly linked up.

This type of panel gives high resistance to the fire with good sound insulation. The total thickness is 41 mm and the walking surface can be realized in a large range of materials.

The bottom side is sheltered by an aluminium foil and the panel is side bordered with black plastic materials. 



It is a panel completely covered with galvanized steel laminate, 0,5 mm of thickness. The core of the panel, totally encapsulated by the galvanized steel laminate, is made of high density wood chipboard and resins or of calcium sulphate.

The production process by presses realizes a special panel of 29 mm of thickness with high mechanical and technological characteristics. As it is an auto – bearing panel, it’s particularly indicated where it’s necessary to use at best the cavity in presence of low height floors. The encapsulated panel combines excellent performances with low costs.

Installation example

The top side can be completed with a large range of different coverings, every technical and aesthetic request can be satisfied in any environment and there are no limits to the application of the panels of every kind of finishing.  The coverings can be realized in the following versions

  • Antistatic plastic laminates
  • Antistatic or conductive homogeneous PVC
  • Linoleum
  • Flat or blistered rubber
  • Moquettes (non woven, Velours...)
  • Modular moquettes
  • Natural or artificial marbles and granites
  • Natural or artificial parquets 

The range of coverings is supplemented by special execution on given drawings and particular materials such as ceramics (only with specific panels) and natural stones.

According to the destination and the use, all the coverings have reaction to the fire Class 1 (Italian measurement) and various values of antistaticity.